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311 & many more bringing back a “vital part of our society” for just $20 with Live Nation Return to Live promo

Courtesy of Live Nation

311 is one of many bands participating in Live Nation’s Return to Live promotion, which offers $20 tickets to a variety of concerts this summer. And as excited as you might be to get back to going to concerts again — for just two Alexander Hamiltons, no less — frontman Nick Hexum might be even more pumped.

“I think that live music is such a vital part of our society,” Hexum tells ABC Audio. “Celebrating together, relating through music…it’s an essential service, you know what I mean?”

“There’s so much pent up excitement about touring, and I just think the more the merrier,” he adds. “So having a $20 ticket price is just gonna make it that much sweeter.”

Given 311’s usual road-heavy schedule, being sidelined for a year amid the COVID-19 pandemic was certainly unusual for Hexum. As he gears up to get back out there on 311’s upcoming Live from the Ride headlining outing, which kicks off in August, Hexum is looking forward to the travel aspect of touring.

“When we’re touring, I love to take in all the local flavors and go for walks and jogs around the different cities, just to really take it in,” Hexum says. “And eat the local specialties.”

Really, though, Hexum’s just happy to be playing live music, wherever that is.

“Just to be able to do something that we would be doing as a hobby anyway for a career is just…we’re very blessed,” he says. “And we never lose sight of that.”

Live Nation Return to Live tickets are available now through Sunday, August 1. For the full list of participating artists and venues, visit ReturntoLive.LiveNation.com.

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