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5 days til Halloween: My Top 10 Halloween Themed Music Videos

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I’m a sucker for Halloween. It’s not the candy, or the skanky costumes (See Sexy Pizza Rat)… It’s the element of creepiness, horror and decorations and just plain ol’ being spooked! Every October, I typically dive deeper into horror movies of all varieties but I have no yet dived deeper into the Halloween themed music videos. So this year, I have compiled 10 music videos that have a Halloween-ie theme to them. If you think I missed a video let me know! I’m always looking to check out new ones! Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

10. The Specials – Ghost Town

You may have heard this song at the beginning of Shaun of The Dead. Definitely an oldie, but always a goodie! The video has a bit of a creepy, going crazy feel to it.

9. Rockwell – Somebody’s Watchin Me

You can’t go to a Halloween party without hearing this song. Plus the video has a creepy factor to it… very 80’s = Very Awesome!

8. 30 Seconds To Mars – The Kill

3o Seconds To Mars do a phenomenal job in recreating their music video as a nod to The Shining. It helps that Jared Leto is also a major movie actor and has the right connects to recreate it. Ps. The bear scene really gets ya!

7. Nekromantix – Horny In A Hearse

Not a very well known band but Nekromantix are extremely popular in the Rockabilly/Psychobilly world. Most of their music is Halloween themed to begin with but this video really takes the cake. I mean, if you’ve got most of the horror movie classic villains in it, how could it not be?

6. Rob Zombie – Dragula

What Halloween playlist would be complete without none other than Rob Zombie. The dude has more love for Halloween than the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus. This one just happens to be such a great video to a great song.

5. Misfits – SCREAM!

It would be a crime to no include Misfits. They’re a horror punk band damnit! Trying to find an older music video from them with a Halloween theme was tough but I really fell in love with *Doyle* Misfits “Scream” video. Zombie outbreak in the middle of a hospital. Nuff said. It also pays a nice tribute to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at the end too.

4. Royal Blood – Outta The Black

If you have not exposed yourself to Royal Blood. Do so. now. 2 piece band outta the UK. Bass guitar and Drums. Oh plus this music video is epic as fuuuuuuug! Where else are you going to get a bunch of holiday Mascots (minus the ice cream) destroying people for candy?

3. Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party

Anything Danny Elfman does is magic. Case in point: Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, Microsoft sound effects… Oingo Boingo… I mean I could go on. His resume is longer than my actual height (5’3). This is one of the best videos and one of the best songs to play during your Halloween party.

2. Wolf Alice – You’re A Germ

I effin love this song. I effin love this video. Wolf Alice relives horror movie after horror movie in their video for “You’re A Germ”. Another band from the UK that demands to be heard and as they should. You got Zombies, masked murderers, discovering dead bodies everywhere… OH! and killer clowns! They’ve covered it all! Ps. I love you Wolf Alice! #FanGirl

1.Michael Jackson – Thriller

I know. It’s obvious. But the music video still holds up to this day. It’s one of the few music video to ever have credits at the end. Plus is Michael Jackson! Everyone loves 80’s Michael! Except for maybe your racist grandparent or uncle… cause you know… everyone’s got one. Enjoy!

*Turns around* *Thriller Eyes* Thriller Laugh*

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