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5 New artists to watch this year


The comeback from the pandemic is here and artists are clawing tooth and nail to get back out there and show the world their music. For a while it’s probably going to seem overcongested. Everyone is behind on releasing their music or have new projects entirely that spawn from last year. It’s tough to know who to give your time to with lots of talent on the rise. If you’re not ready to feel old yet, make sure you keep an ear out for these names. Clairo. Arlo Parks. Des Rocs. Upsahl. Dayglow. They have lots of stuff coming our way worth checking out.


Clairo is a singer-songwriter from Massachusetts who began posting music online when she was 13. She’s now 22 and a rising name in the alternative genre. She first gained attention with her music video for “Pretty Girl” in 2017. The following year she dropped the EP Diary 001. Her debut studio album, Immunity, came in 2019 and spawned two more singles, “Bags” and “Sofia”. “Sofia” was her first single to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 but not her last!

No doubt she was busy during the pandemic collaborating with other artists. You’ll be hearing her name again soon.


Arlo Parks:

Arlo Parks, 20, is a British singer-songwriter and poet. She dropped “Cola” in 2018 and dropped an EP to follow, Super Sad Generation. Just this year she dropped her debut studio album, Collapsed in Sunbeams which peaked at #3 on the UK Albums Chart.

“Eugene” is one of the songs she wrote during lockdown. Keep up with Arlo Parks, we have more coming from her as she starts collaborating with other artists.


Des Rocs:

Des Rocs is one of the guys from the band, Secret Weapons, off on his own to put out some solo work. He has a ton of energy and is really embodying the traditional spirit of rock. His fans are known as “filthy animals” playfully and the family is quickly growing. He’s very passionate about music and putting on a high energy show. His debut EP recently dropped, This Is Our Life and a music video for “Pieces” followed shortly after.



This one is local! You might already be familiar with her thanks to Homegrown with Mo! on Sunday nights on ALT AZ. If you aren’t, UPSAHL is 22 and out of Phoenix. She glides between pop and alternative for her sound. Her first single “Can You Hear Me Now” came out in 2017 and in 2019 her debut EP Hindsight 20/20 released.

She rose to prominence with her single, “drugs” and has recently been featured with bigger artists like Abosfacto and Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park. Her new single, “Saint of No Douchebags” comes out Thursday, May 13th. 



His name is Sloan Struble but you’ll know him by Dayglow. He’s a self-taught singer-songwriter and producer from Aledo, Texas. In 2018 he dropped his first album, Fuzzybrain.

In 2019 the live performning members of Dawglow are, Nate Davis (guitar), Nico Fennell (keyboard), bassist Eric Loop (bassist,) and Brady Knippa (drums.)

“Can I Call You Tonight?” got him noticed when it charted during 2020. In January 2021 he dropped his first follow-up, “Close to You,” with a music video (above) to go with it. Just two days later, “Can I Call You Tonight?” was certified Gold.

In FEbruary 2021 he announced his second full-length album, Harmony House would be arriving May 21, 2021. On the same day he dropped, “Something.” April 1, 2021, Struble released the third single, “Whoa Man.” Just a couple weeks till we get the whole album and with the return on concerts, you’ll be able to see him in the valley this September at the Van Buren! Click HERE to get entered to win tickets!

Now you are in the know! These young folks have something special and are filling in some gaps in the alternative genre. Support new artists by purchasing their music, merch and seeing them at tiny venues when the tour. Best part is these new acts typically have affordable tickets with intimate seating that get you close to the performer! What’s better than that. Cheers to the music comeback of 2021!


Bye, Friends!