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5 Reasons our Ugly Sweater Holiday Party is the ONLY party to be at this winter!

Ugly Cole Sweater

There are sooooo many “Holiday Parties” happening in December. Your work party is only fun if Janice in accounting drinks a little too much and does some goofy stuff. And we all know your family’s ugly sweater party just reuses their old 80’s sweaters every year. Why not come to a show that will deliver the drinks, the entertainment and more importantly… THE UGLIEST OF SWEATERS! Here’s my top 5 reasons:

5. It’s at Mesa Amphitheater

mesa amp

Outdoor venues in Arizona, especially during the winter time, is ideal! Who wants to be stuck in a hot room, with warm bodies everywhere all trying to squeeze out of small exit doors. Did I mention we’re all going to be in some thick, ugly sweaters?! Which bring me to my next point…

4. The Ugly Sweaters

ugly holiday jumper

Ugly Sweater Onsie at last years’ Holiday Party

Last year, the sweaters were on point! People busted out the hot glue guns and beanie babies to make it their own. Others had a few extra bucks to spend and bought some really gnarly pre-made sweaters. And this year, you have two days worth to really show off that sweater or just make two of em!

3. The Two Day Lineup


What?!?! Two days worth to show off your Ugly Holiday Sweater?! I know, IT’S BRILLIANT! We even got a few bands to celebrate and party with us.

Day 1: Wolf Alice. CHVRCHES. BASTILLE.

Day 2: X Ambassadors, George Ezra. Of Monsters And Men.

(Which Ps. OMAM haven’t been back to Arizona since 2012 and that was at an indoor venue. I bet our winter will be like summer to them. Don’t be surprised if you see them in flip flops and tank tops.)

2. Alt Insider Discounts and Backstage Perks

alt insider

We’re not lying when we say it pays to be an ALT Insider, especially if you’re trying to get tickets to both days! If you’re an alt insider already, check your email for the presale code. It’s gonna help you save up to $30 bucks for both days! If you’re not an ALT Insider, then GET ON IT! Click on the link, sign up, wait for the email. purchase away. It also helps to know that we do a lot of really sweet contests for Insiders as well. You may even get a Meet and Greet with some of the bands at our Ugly Sweater Holiday Party!

1. Tis the season!

ugly sweater phx new times

(Photo via Phoenix New Times)

It’s the Holidays people! Spend it with the people you actually want to spend it with. Think of it like this, it’s our sweet ass “Company Party” and we’re inviting you and your friends to party with us 😀 Plus, you can kill two birds with one stone by giving tickets to your loves one as an early gift. (That way you both can enjoy it!) Either way, we hope to see you out there with the ugliest of ugly sweaters this year! Cheers!