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56 New Emojis Coming Our Way And KFC Launches A Zinger…. TO SPPPPAAAACCCCEEEE in Nerdgasm News!

New emojis


56 new emojis coming your way!

New emojis

Fun fact! We use emojis soooo much they’re becoming it’s own language. They’re like the modern day hieroglyphics. Well, you’ll be happy to know, we should be getting an additional 56 emojis! Awww happy face emoji! Included in this next wave of images are more dinosaurs, zoo animals, a bearded dude and new food additions. There’s also a few that are accommodating to women, most notably the breastfeeding emoji and the hijab emoji.  No word on exactly when they should roll out but Unicode Consortium, the company in charge of creating these modern day masterpieces, claims it should be sometime before the end of this year.

KFC is sending a chicken sandwich…. to spppaaacccceeee!!!

One step for man, 1 giant cluck for chicken kind! KFC is launching a chicken sandwich out into space aboard the Stratollite space balloon for 4 days! The launch will take place in Tucson, Az between 7 and 8am ET and it’s being aired live on KFC’s twitter page. Although this may seem like a huge clucking waste of time, it’s an important step for the balloon company World View Enterprises. They’ve designed the Stratollite to float about 100,000 feet in the air but has not spent more than 6 to 12 hours at a time in space. This launch will determine if their balloon can handle days to weeks to months out in space. If all goes well, World View will start sending paying customers up in the atmosphere for 5-6 hours to get a view of the world they live in from space for the price of your soul and $75,000. But it will include a fancy cabin with large windows, wifi, a bar and bathroom. But first thing first…. Mission Zinger 1 has to be a successful launch or they’re gonna fry the chicken!