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8 Signs Your Pet is Your Best Friend


A person’s best friend is normally though to be another person but when you think about it, you’re probably spending most of your time with that friendly someone covered in fur. And we don’t discriminate here- maybe it’s not furry but covered in scales or feathers! Through the best times and the worst times, your pet is there for you. When literally no one will listen to you, they have no choice to. That Friday night that everyone seems busy, you know they aren’t! Here are 8 major signs that your pet is actually your best friend.

1) You Get Excited to Go Home and See Them

Traveling across the country with my doggo because I could not imagine coming home to no dog while I was doing long distance with my husband.

Here’s the cold hard truth. You can’t always depend on PEOPLE in your home being excited to see you every single day or even others being home when you arrive. Your pets are a different story! It’s extra easy to tell with dogs and cats. They immediately want to re-scent you when you get home. If you don’t say hi to them, they are not happy about it! If the first thing you do after setting down your things is go find your pets (or maybe they found you,) there is a good chance that your pet is “your person” as Grey’s Anatomy would put it.


2) You Let Them Invade Your Personal Space


We aren’t all huggers. Chances are, even if you are a person who likes hugs, there are plenty of times you still don’t want your personal space invaded. Somehow, your pet is able to forego that feeling of “don’t touch me.” If your significant other woke you up every morning by sitting on or licking your face you’d probably send them packing but when your pet does it, it’s oddly charming- even on the annoying days. You might even be one of those people that’s lets them lick your mouth. There are *hopefully* few people that make that list. Your pet is probably your BFF if you let them climb on you on toddler on a jungle gym even on your worst days. Accept it.



3) You Bend the Rules


Every house has a set of rules. Things you don’t let people do and those people are required to do. Isn’t it strange how it makes your blood curdle when a person breaks the rules but your pet has probably gotten the “get out of jail free” card more than once. Even your kids are expected to learn to pick up after themselves. If you step on your kiddos action figure in the dark you just might have some harsh words with them. Step on a dog toy and normally the person you’re angry with is yourself. Weird, huh? Whether they are leaving their toys behind or creating a mess by knocking over the garbage, your initial anger quickly subsides and you’re back to giving them a scratch behind your ears. You know, my dog even once gave me a black eye and I honestly didn’t even think to get mad at them. How many times have you been nipped, clawed or knocked over by your pet? How long did that grudge last? If you are quick to forgive, your pet is your favorite friend.



4) If You’re Sad, You Look For Them


We all hit some pretty bad lows. The worst part is that your friends and family might be busy and not yet know you’re feeling that way. Has your pet every appeared out of nowhere when you’re distressed? You haven’t even had a chance to pick up the phone sometimes. Pets have an amazing sense for emotions, particularly mammals. They also have just as good of a sense of loyalty. Put that together and you have the best emotional support system you could ask for. If you have cried it out with your pet laying on you, they are your best friend.



5) You Leave a Party Early for Them



I’m a huge party lover. Seriously there is nothing more I love than getting a group of people I hold dear together for some food, drinks, games or dancing. Actually, there is. It’s hosting that party. Not only because I like to be in charge of the menu but because I don’t have to feel bad about leaving my pet at home. I want them to have a good time too! You know what I mean, right? That feeling you get about 4 or 5 hours into a party. That feeling that they are just sitting around waiting on you to come home. What is crazy is that when you leave a party for them- you don’t even feel bad about leaving. You WANT to leave. How many people do you WANT to leave a good party for? The only people that probably make that list are if your kids are sick or you’re a new parent. If you willingly leave a good party for that loyal friend always at home- chances are, they are your truest friend.



6) You See Something at the Store that “Made You Think of Them”


I don’t know about you- but I always try to stick to a list when I hit the store. It keeps me in budget! But when it comes to the pet section, somehow I don’t just walk out of there with their dinner food. I’ve got treats, I’ve got bones, I’ve got a new toy I think *maybe* they won’t destroy. I’ll happily even pull money from my grocery fund to supplement what I’ve spent for my furry friends at home. And if I’m being honest here, I wouldn’t often do the same for a friend. I might instead make a mental note of, “hey this would be great for so-and-so,” and move on. Or have you ever done this- saw a generic animal-something like a birthday card, a pair of socks or anything else that might have your pet’s likeness on it and felt the compulsive need to own it. Maybe you don’t go as far as buying it, but you absolutely mention it to the person you’re shopping with or take a picture to send to your mom. If you do these things- you know what I’m going to say….


7) You Talk to Them and it Makes You Feel Better


They say, talking makes things better. But want to know what REALLY makes things better? It’s talking to someone that will never hold judgement against you, won’t say anything back, will give you love in return and maybe… doesn’t quite understand you. It’s strange how you can talk a problem out with a bunch of different people but often the LAST time you talk about it is with your pet. You no longer feel the need to talk about it after. Somehow just them looking at you with all of that animal compassion… and sometimes completely blank stare, is all you need. When was the last time your human BFF said nothing back to your issue and it helped. Pets have superpowers and that’s why they should be your best friend.


8) They Sleep in YOUR Bed and You Don’t Mind


This is the biggest tell. Think about it, you eventually even kick your kids out of your bed. If your pet is truly your best friend, that’s not happening to them. Mine has gotten to the point where I will twist, turn and contort into weird shapes throughout the night to make them comfortable. If they leave the bed, I almost get offended. Have you ever gone as far as to tuck your pet in? This isn’t a regular thing for me- but I’d be lying if I haven’t turned my dog into a blanket burrito more than once. If your animal is allowed to take up your sacred spot of sleep, there is NO question about it. Your animal is your best friend for life.


Your pet’s whole life is centered around you. What you do with them and how much time you spend with them. They are your little prisoners at home that are weirdly happy about it. They love you with their whole heart and is little they wouldn’t do to make you happy. Even if you don’t consider your pet your best friend, I can promise they consider you, theirs.

Give your pet some extra love today.


Bye, Friends!