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A Fun Day at Tolmachoff Farms



Welcome to October! The official start to spooky season even though a lot of us like to kick off in September. This weekend was all about starting off strong by jumping right into all the fall fun. My husband I decided to spend our Saturday at Tolmachoff Farms to visit the pumpkin patch and all the fun they had to offer. We we went as a date, but they have stuff that is fun for the whole family. Here is how my day at the farm unfolded.


We walked in with our combo tickets (which gave us access to the haunted corn maze if we wanted to come back at night.) There wasn’t much of a line and everyone stayed appropriately distanced which was nice. Once we were stamped and ready to go there is someone at the front that will offer to take your photo in a cute spot with a couple poses! DO IT! How often do you actually get photos together? Probably not often enough. Always take advantage of these opportunities. Of course, my husband and I took advantage and promptly forgot to go see them afterwards on the way out so typing this actually reminded me to contact them about that. Just sent that email- thanks for that, friends!

*update* They are trying to get me my photos from the entrance for me even though I forgot about them. SO NICE!*


Anyway, after you get your picture taken, you’re opened up to all the activities they have. Up front it’s their handwashing station which signs throughout the farm encourage you to use. Just past that, you’ll see the petting zoo! Naturally, this is what we were first drawn to. A Donkey, pony, piggy, goats, ducks and turkeys where all available for viewing or petting. The areas weren’t overly crowded so there was a chance to get with each animal without rubbing up against a stranger. When we went to the little goats, this cute little one was napping and we spent way too long standing there watching. Morning well spent if you ask me.


Our next stop was over to the corn maze. This was probably my favorite. Not only was it well spaced out as far as people go, but it also had some fun things inside the maze that made it a little more interactive than other ones I’ve been to. Inside there were little checkpoints with fun facts you could answer on the paper they gave you. Both me and my husband were surprised at some of the answers! So the facts aren’t just fun for kiddos. You also had 4 mail boxes, one in each quadrant that were optional to find. Inside they had a stick that revealed what that quadrant of the maze looked like. Obviously we tried to find them!


Now something you should know about me is that I have a terrible sense of direction. I need a GPS to go anywhere and everywhere. My hubby is the exact opposite. He can find his way home from anywhere and refuses to use GPS. So in the corn maze we both thought he should take lead. Boy was that a bad idea. We couldn’t find the first checkpoint or mail box!

That’s when we decided that I would take over. I Lewis and Clarked our way through the whole thing and got us the rest of the fun facts and mailboxes.  Too bad my maze skills don’t translate to anything useful.

Afterwards we walked past the petting zoo again… which meant we stopped and pet more animals. The donkey and the piggy this time. I just want to note that the donkey’s fur was surprisingly soft! Very delicate and sweet animal. Now the little piggy was just like a puppy. He rolled over on his belly and stretched out. His tail was waggy about and he leaned into the fence to feel you while you pet him. (her? I’m not a vet.) I’m officially a pig person. I’ve I wasn’t already vegan, I’d stop eating pig after petting that cute buddy.


Next was the kids area. We didn’t take any pictures here because our son hasn’t made his debut yet and thought it would be inappropriate for us to be taking photos of the kids without permission. So take my word for it, there is lots to do for them! A hay pit, a slide, fun things to crawl over, and a water station where you can race rubber ducks. Not one kid wasn’t smiling in there. It definitely made us excited for this time next year when we will have our own to bring.

Our last stop was the shop on the way out. Of course we weren’t going to go to a pumpkin patch and NOT get some pumpkins. They had gourds of all sizes including the trend of “warted” mini gourds. They make a great fall basket filler. We got two larger ones and two mini ones. The mini ones are only $2 a piece and each full sized pumpkin had it’s own price written on the bottom. Ours were some great prices! My favorite part was that at checkout, they inspect the pumpkin again before they sell it to you to make sure it’s good to go. Our cashier actually found a crack in our first one and had us swap it out!

Pumpkins isn’t all they have in that shop. Farm made canned goods are out this time of year. Canned garlic, apple salsa, pumpkin butter, an abundance of fruit preserves and more! Make sure you take a look on the counter. We opted for the blackberry preserve- a favorite for Sam.


Our day was so fun and we didn’t even do all they had to offer! We were so pooped after all that that we didn’t make it back for the haunted corn maze, so I still need to check that out. They also had a little train-car ride for kids, food, sitting areas, great photo spaces and a tomato launcher. If you go with the family, I’d be prepared to spend some time there.


Tolmachoff Farms was definitely worth the visit. They are located in Glendale on N 75th Ave. On my show this week (Monday, October 5th – Friday, October 9th) I am giving away a 4 pack of tickets to get you in on the fun! It’s going to be a text-to-win contest with a code I’m giving out twice a shift. One winner will be picked from my show everyday for the duration of the contest. Good luck and even if you don’t win, you should definitely make the time to go this fall season.



Bye, Friends