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A Retro TV Converted To A Gaming Console, Debit Card App For Kids & The Little Wheelchair That Could Climb Stairs in Nerdgasm News!

retro gaming tv



The Wheelchair that could!

scewo wheelchair can climb flight stairs stair pic

There’s a next generation wheelchair that not only makes you look as awesome as Professor X from the X-Men, but it also climbs stairs! The SCEWO Wheelchair of tomorrow uses rigid rubber grips to navigate up and down stairs, including spiral ones, and can lift you higher up if you need to grab something. There’s currently one working prototype but if they reach their crowdfunding goal on Patreon, you could see production of these new futuristic wheelchairs start production at the end of 2018.


Debit Card for Kids

Back in my day, I never got paid to do chores. It was expected. Now-a-days, it’s almost expected to pay your kid to do something. Well paying your kids just got easier, with a new start up company called Current. It’s an app/credit card that parents control and allows them to set up both reoccuring payments or one time payments. It also allows parents to assign chores with rewards through the app and probably the coolest thing, kids can donate their hard earned money to a charity of their choice.

This Guy Turned A Portable TV into a retro gaming console!

Somebody Turned a Vintage TV into the Ultimate Retro Video Game Machine

Photo Via Imgur

I LOVE Technology, except I have no idea how it works half of the time. That’s why it makes me so happy to see someone that understands it and builds cool things for me to talk about. Like this sweet retro TV turned into the ultimate retro gaming machine! A modder by the name of Finn Anderson came up on a retro, portable tv and converted it into a stand alone old school video game console using the ever so awesome Raspberry Pi computer! According to Finn, “It can emulate everything up to and including N64/PS1/Dreamcast, with a built-in wireless XBOX controller receiver for multiplayer parties! It also has a digital tuner inside to watch actual television , using the original knob for channel switching.” Check out his demo video below and if you see his step by step process on how to make it, CLICK HERE.