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A vulnerable & personal Mike Kerr makes his debut on Royal Blood’s new ‘Typhoons’ album

Credit: Mads Perch

Royal Blood‘s new album Typhoons adds a few previously unseen dimensions to the U.K. duo. Not only does it introduce a more dance-influenced vibe to the group’s sound, but it also finds frontman Mike Kerr being much more personal in his lyrics than he has before.

Speaking with ABC Audio, Kerr shares that it “feels good” to have all those “vulnerable” feelings officially out in the open now that Typhoons has finally been released.

“I’ve sensed that people listening to the tracks have resonated with them in a personal way like never before,” he says.

Kerr describes Typhoons as generally being about being stuck in “violent circles” of “destructive repeat behavior,” in part influenced by his journey to sobriety.

“It’s not a very unique story, or a very unique narrative, it’s just a personal one,” Kerr says. “I think that’s why people can relate to it.”

In addition to diving deep into the lyrics, fans have been digging the Daft Punk-inspired sound of Typhoons, too. That shift in style was first introduced in lead single “Trouble’s Coming,” which hit number one on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart.

Being that “Trouble’s Coming” was the first real preview of Royal Blood’s new sound, Kerr says that its success gave him and drummer Ben Thatcher confidence that they were on the right track.

“In the context of the album, that’s perhaps the most challenging song compared to anything we had done before,” Kerr says of “Trouble’s Coming.” “It’s probably the danciest track, I would say.”

“Having commercial success on that track was really surprising to us,” he adds. “We thought there would be other tracks on the album that would’ve flown better. But yeah, it’s been awesome to see that song go on its journey over in the States.”

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