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A Willy Wonka Prequel is in the Works & A 3-D Printed, Wearable Third Thumb in Nerdgasm News!



There’s A Willy Wonka Prequel In The Works


Warner Brothers has reported they’re currently working on a prequel to the 1971 Gene Wilder, candy classic “Willy Wonka” and I’m not sure how I feel about it. The story for the prequel is under wraps but the news alone has me concerned thanks to Tim Burton’s Pure Re-Imagination of the film back in 2005 for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Luckily it won’t be a Tim Burton recreation this time and Johnny Depp won’t be in it, BUT they are looking to cast La La Land actor Ryan Gosling, which might be a good pick. He’s got the singing, acting and dancing down but I’m not sure he can quite pull off that magic that Gene had for a prequel. Right now Gosling’s just a consideration but we’re definitely getting a Willy Wonka Prequel in the very near future!

Good Day Sir!


This Third Thumb Project May Be Our Future

third thumb project 3 e

Dani Clode is a graduate student at London’s Royal College of Art (RCA) and is defying how we use both 3d printers and functional prosthetics. Clode has developed a functional prosthetic third thumb that is designed to be an extension for your hand. It’s been 3D printed with a Bowden cable system, similar to bike brakes and can move and flex thanks to a pressure sensor connected via bluetooth and is powered by 2 small motors that you wear on your wrist. Clode told Digital Trends, “The Third Thumb investigates the relationship between the body and prosthetic technology in new ways. It is part tool, part experience, and part self-expression; a model by which we better understand human response to artificial extensions.” Right now its still in prototype mode but could be in production in the near future if people continue to change themselves into cyborgs.