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After ‘Typhoons,’ Royal Blood doesn’t feel “limited” recording new music: “It’s not a daunting prospect”

Credit: Mads Perch

Royal Blood took some major leaps with their sound on their new album, Typhoons, by incorporating more dance music influences into their regular setup of frontman Mike Kerr‘s heavy bass riffs and Ben Thatcher‘s thunderous drums. As Kerr tells ABC Audio, that experimentation will have a major impact on future Royal Blood records.

“I don’t feel limited anymore,” Kerr explains. “I think making this record was really us spreading our wings for the first time and exploring all these untapped territories, and we feel like every single example of that, we did successfully.”

He adds, “So the idea of making another record is, I think, it’s not a daunting prospect.”

That’s not to say that every future Royal Blood album will sound like Typhoons‘ blend of AC/DC and Daft Punk. Instead, Kerr simply wants to approach new music with an “open mind,” and not feel tied down by “preconceived ideas about the record that we’re going to make.”

“I think it never really works out like that,” Kerr says.

“No matter what you think you’re going to make, it eventually won’t be that,” he laughs. “It’s whatever it’s supposed to be.”

Typhoons is out now. It includes the singles “Trouble’s Coming,” “Typhoons” and “Limbo.”

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