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Ahead of new single premiere, remember Måneskin isn’t “just one thing”

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As Måneskin has continued to release and perform more new music, it’s clear that not only are the Italian rockers exploring different sounds, but also different lyrical subjects, from the summer vibes of “Supermodel” to the political “Gasoline.”

“When you get to ‘Supermodel,’ we just want to write a song which is cool and makes us feel proud,” frontman Damiano David tells ABC Audio. “We have fun while playing it, and the people [have] the same fun that we’re having at the moment.”

Contrast that with “Gasoline,” which Måneskin wrote in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While they haven’t yet released “Gasoline,” Måneskin debuted it during their Coachella set earlier this year and played it during last month’s Global Citizen Festival.

“We felt like we had the power to make people aware of what was happening, and we decided to use this power,” David shares. “As celebrities and as artists, I feel like we have the responsibility to speak up for things.”

As for how songs like “Supermodel” and “Gasoline” fit together under one Måneskin umbrella, David declares that the band isn’t “just one thing.”

“We’re not just a rock band, we’re not just musicians, we’re not just 20-year-old guy[s],” David says. “We’re a lot of different things together, and every time we decide which part of us we want to show.”

Måneskin is set to premiere another new single, “The Loneliest,” this Friday, October 7. You can check out a preview of the track via the band’s Instagram.

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