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Almost Monday piles on the sarcasm & — retroactive — ‘School of Rock’ influences on new single, “Cool Enough”

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Credit: Oliver Owen

No one has ever characterized Mondays as “cool,” but Almost Monday is just trying to be “Cool Enough.”

That’s the name of the latest single from the “Broken People” trio, which is out now. As frontman Dawson Daugherty tells ABC Audio, the tune came together in a “unique” way from most of Almost Monday’s other material.

“This is one of the only songs that we didn’t really have a full idea built out in one day,” Daugherty says, explaining that the band usually likes to create a demo for a particular track in a single session. “We kinda came back to and revisited it…we came back to it and wrote a chorus, like, a week later or something.”

As its title suggests, “Cool Enough” finds Daugherty worried that he might not fit in with the latest trends, but eventually turns into an anthem against that type of thinking.

“[It’s] about, I guess, just culture and society of just how much is online and how many hoops you need to jump through,” Daugherty shares. “So the song’s kind of, yeah, self-deprecating and sarcastic, for sure.”

As for whether he’s personally struggled with not feeling “cool enough,” Daugherty feels that’s probably a fairly universal experience, especially as times keep changing.

“You gotta make TikToks these days,” he laughs. “So it’s getting harder and harder.”

Of course, you might hear the phrase “Cool Enough” and immediately think of Lawrence from School of Rock, who felt he wasn’t cool enough to join Jack Black‘s band. While Daugherty’s a big fan of the 2003 film, he never made that connection to his group’s song, though he’s happy to retroactively apply its influence.

“Maybe we should start saying that in interviews,” he smiles. “Yes, Lawrence from School of Rock, thank you!”

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