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Meg Myers – The Underground


In the final weeks of 2018, Meg Myers returned home from tour feeling lost and painfully out of touch with herself. Earlier that year, the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist had released her sophomore effort Take Me to the Disco, a widely acclaimed body of work that lifted her mercurial form of alt-rock to a thrilling new level. But despite the album’s great success, Myers found herself overwhelmed by disconnection and depression, eventually verging on suicidal. “I wasn’t enjoying life at all; I was so burnt out and felt like I was making music for other people and not for myself,” Myers recalls. “It got to the point where I hit rock bottom and just wanted out.”

Instead of giving up, Myers followed her instinct toward self-salvation. She quit drinking, ended the toxic relationship she’d gotten caught up in, and soon experienced a spiritual breakthrough that would prove to be monumentally life-changing. “I came back to my house and meditated for three hours, and in that period of time I woke up,” says Myers. “Everything in me felt more alive, and I realized that I’m a co-creator, like all of us are: I’d been creating everything that’s happened to me, even though I wasn’t conscious of that. Once I had that realization, I started releasing all this weight that I’d been carrying my whole life, releasing limiting beliefs about myself and others—just clearing away everything that’s not who I truly am.” 


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