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Rising star Bea Miller has a lot of experience at a young age, but she is discovering new power, and new maturity, in her music. With a series of bold new songs being released in the coming months, and working alongside a group of challenging and stellar collaborators, the 20-year-old is truly coming into her own as a singer, songwriter, and performer.

She traces her recent, dramatic evolution to one specific day. In the summer of 2018, Miller was headed to the recording studio. It was late afternoon on a Sunday—an odd time to start working—and she thought about canceling the session. But when she got there and started writing with Justin Tranter and Mike Sabath, something magical happened.

“I felt so free, on fire, so new and fresh that I didn’t even know what was happening,” she says. “We were throwing things together that felt exciting, and it turned into maybe the best song I’ve ever written. I didn’t know I was capable of creating a song like that. It was almost like this project started itself and came into existence out of nowhere, and it inspired all the rest of what’s to come.”

“I’ve been writing music for a few years, but I’ve never felt so understood, so free to express myself,” she says. “Before, people were always so determined to get the best idea or the perfect melody that they weren’t open to whatever idea felt right at the moment. But I found two people who let me sing what I really feel—no restrictions, no limits, nothing is too outlandish. Mike and Justin actually believed in me and in what I felt. They bring out the best in me and my abilities.”


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