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ALT Music To Look Forward To This Year


The bar is set pretty low for the first time at the start of this new year. All 2021 has to do is be better than last year. Taking a look at all the new things we have coming up in music, I think this year will meet our standards. Maybe even exceed them? Eh, I won’t hold my breath on that one. Could a disaster even surprise us at this point?

From albums we have long awaited for to stuff only recently announced, 2021 is going to be packed with all sorts of new sounds. The music this year will likely have more passion than ever. Most artists had to cancel entire tours, go through loss, and felt the state of crisis our country was (is) experiencing on deep levels. Terrible things make for great music; it’s just the truth. The global pandemic gave us all time to pause and reflect on what is important and gave artists time to experiment and perfect new projects for us. Now we are entering the time where it all comes to fruition.


1. Foo Fighters New Album ‘Medicine at Midnight’


Foo Fighters are coming back with fresh stuff this year and the best part is that we don’t have to wait long! With two singles already released, “Medicine at Midnight” is sure to be the bands reentry into the alternative rock scene after releasing some EP’s sporadically throughout the last few years. “Shame Shame” shows a darker side of the band with a music video to match and “No Son of Mine” sounds more familiar showcasing a heavy drumbeat and amped up guitar. “Medicine at Midnight” was supposed to drop last year- like so many other things- but now we will get it February 5th!

2. Billie Eilish New Music + Documentary

We got a double-whammy coming from Billie Eilish this year. As one of the younger artists tearing up the charts and tossing music rules out the window, she has not stopped since the release of her debut album in 2019. Not only does “When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?” still have songs charting but after her launch to stardom she was asked to write the theme for the new James Bond movie, released a single with no album attached that was nominated for and won multiple awards, had a massive Grammy’s sweep and dropped two more singles in 2020. The last single, “Therefore I Am” switch up her sound a bit and was accompanied by an announcement of a new album. But we aren’t just getting a whole new album this year, we are also getting her first documentary, “The World’s a Little Blurry.” No release date for the upcoming album yet but we are getting the docu-feature on February 26th.

3. Kings of Leon Comeback


This was long awaited! So long, you might have forgotten about it entirely. 10 months ago, Kings of Leon teased us with a post that said, “the w8 is nearly over.” Followed up by literally… NOTHING. It was going to be their first official release of music since 2016 but they quickly went dark again.

On Christmas day, the bassist Jared Followill tweeted, “Blame it on the holiday “cheer”, but I just feel like sharing.

@kingsofleon  tweeted “the w8 is nearly over” TEN MONTHS ago. Enough.” Then jokingly, “If you were promised new Kings music in 2 weeks, would you forgive us? Could you?” That was our first cue that they didn’t lie to us all those months ago but honestly I wasn’t sure if I could believe the “two week” promise. They did pull through though! New Year’s Day they posted snippets of two singles they are dropping on January 7th! Click HERE to listen to them!

4. Twenty One Pilots New Music


Another band with a failed promise of 2020 is giving us hope in this new year. Twenty One Pilots started off the quarantine season strong with the release of “Level of Concern.” This song sat at #1 for a long time, dethroning Panic! at the Disco’s “High Hopes.”

After that, they said that new music is coming, “sooner” than we expect. That was back in March. They led us on some goose chases that were deemed as scavenger hunts, leading us to believe that new music was on the precipice. But NOPE. About a month ago, Tyler Joseph came out and apologized for the lack of music in 2020. They dropped a Christmas song, “Christmas Saves the Year,” and let us know that the new stuff does exist, it’s just not complete yet. Tyler admitted he has some more songs he wants to write but is sitting down and working on it all.

What they DID give us was the first “never ending” music for ‘Level of Concern,” which only recently got the plug pulled on it. It was deemed the “longest music video ever,” by the Guiness.

5. Possible Paramore Return?


Okayyy, so we aren’t actually sure about this one. It’s a lot of talk and assumptions. Back when Hayley Williams released some solo music she did promise more music with Paramore would still happen. There’s been a couple of posts on the band’s account featuring Hayley but nothing actually saying new music is coming. However for Hayley’s 32nd birthday she posted that she is back in her bright orange hair and captioned it, “32 and back to my roots” leading a lot of fans to think Paramore is working on some music together again.

For that reason, I’m including them on my 2021 music wish list!

6. Remember 3Oh!3?


The band that brought us the middle school party anthem, “Don’t Trust Me” is making a comeback. Their new era of music is nodding back to their “WANT” days . They released a futuristic sounding song, “Lonely Machines,” but it didn’t launch them into their comeback for the same reason everyone else was delayed. The virus. 2021 is now the year they are going to release their full length album. Their new song, “IM SO SAD” is dropping January 27th with the rest of the album on the way after that.

7. Concerts Come Back *hopefully*


I almost don’t want to say it because I’d hate to jinx it! But 2021 has some concerts slated in it’s schedule! Of course you can catch some small stuff at bars right now but I’m talking CONCERTS. We tried drive-in concerts last year and I thought they were fun but it never really caught wind and big name artists didn’t feel comfortable touring. With the vaccine being distributed, hope is on the horizon! Tame Impala is scheduled to be in Phoenix this July so I’m hoping this summer marks the time when we can get back to hanging with a community of like-music-minded individuals safely.

8. Rise of New Artists 


Of course we can’t just celebrate favorites making music in 2021. New artists really had the stop last year. With less funds and less of a fan base to keep them going, their lives were totally on hold. All this pent up energy likely lead to some creative work that we will soon get exposure to. While you wait on your favorite bands to release promised music, open your mind and ears to new artists that have been waiting since last year to show you their stuff.


Like I said, the bar is set pretty low for my 2021 expectations… “No plans” has been the normal for so long, I really haven’t planned anything for the coming year, leaving me plenty of time to enjoy the new tunes coming our way! My mind is open to all the new projects on the way and hopefully someone new catches my attention to give our young entertainers a chance to rise.



Bye, Friends!