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ALT Sessions Return: Yungblud March 19th, 2022


January 31st, 2020 was an ALT Session with Magic Giant. What a great time those guys are! We had a blast having no clue it would be the last time we could open our doors to fans for over two years. The pandemic struck America just a month later and for a while we were left without answers. No timeline to when we would, if ever, be able to host something intimate like that for fans again. If you’ve never been, ALT Sessions is a unique and close encounter with some of alternative music’s most fun artists. We’ve had sessions with The Head and the Heart, Saint Motel, Twenty One Pilots and so many more. We’ve even already had a session Yungblud. This guy is an experience all in his own. Each time you see him will feel new. The only reason an Alt Session was able to happen at all is because he wanted to do it. We were still living in the grey when we heard that he would be available to do something with us before his sold out show at the Van Buren. The fans must have treated him right last go around in Phoenix because he seemed just as excited to be back as we were to get another couple of hours with him! Yungblud arrived on time and was ready to jump right in despite having a crazy show in LA the night before. He has energy unlike anyone I’ve ever met. When we walked through the doors, the crew was greeted with fist bumps and a huge smile before he ducked away for a sound check and some filming. We loaded the lucky listeners that won a spot into the secret venue hall and everyone was chatty with excitement. Yungblud came running through the door ready to chat about ANYTHING. …including a small drop that a new album IS on the way. It’s coming THIS year and implied it would be in the fall.  


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“Does anyone have any questions for me?” he asked at one point about halfway through the session. He opened it up to the audience with nothing being off-limits. “It can be naughty, it doesn’t have to be nice.” That got him questions like, “what does Machine Gun Kelly smell like?” and “what’s the craziest groupie sex you’ve ever had?” Yep. They went there. And only that last one made him blush a little. One of the memorable moments of the session for me was when he was sharing the story about hurting his back. Yungblud said it probably ended up happening because he made the ghosts made at this haunted place but they couldn’t stop him and he kept doing his shows anyway, at that moment there was a huge flash of audio feedback that made us all take a quick breath in. He needed a moment to recover after his ghostly show-up. They once again, did not stop him from performing.

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We ended up getting more than the 3 slated songs because his generous heart is just here for the good time with his fans. During his extra song he invited a fan up who offer him some of her clip-on devil horns. He not only wanted the accessories but he wanted them to be clipped in by her while he started his next song. ALT AZ is always so honored to be a part of moments like THAT for fans. It’s everything to us. Afterwards, each fan got their own moment with him for a small meet and greet. It included a professional photo and an autographed mini poster to commemorate something that they hopefully won’t ever forget. Big thank you of course to Yungblud for being a genuinely good person who is creating music for all the right reasons. This wouldn’t have happened without him wanting to set it up during his straight-off-the-bus tour schedule. Another thank you has to be said to our first set of ALT Session listeners that came! You guys were the best audience we could have asked for for a return show. You knew the words. You sang along. You asked questions. You laughed. That kind of energy matters to an artist in those small settings and you guys were ready to bring it! Be sure to check out our photos from the session (including meet and greets) by clicking HERE.   See the recap video HERE.   Keep an eye on the ALT AZ contest page to see when you can win a spot to our next ALT Session. Click HERE.   A new album from Yungblud is coming this year. You can expect to see him back in America for a tour to follow. If you missed him this time, don’t miss him the next one!   KACIE

Bye, Friends!