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Amy Lee feels "hugely flattered" by Evanescence's VMA nomination

Credit: P.R. Brown

For the first time in over 15 years, Evanescence is nominated for an MTV VMA.

The band’s comeback single. “Wasted on You.” will compete for the Best Rock title at this year’s ceremony, taking place this Sunday, August 30. Amy Lee and company filmed the video while in quarantine. The vocalist tells ABC Audio she’s “hugely flattered” by the nomination.

“Especially since we filmed that video ourselves in a moment where it was the only option,” Lee says. “We found a way to just push forward and do something anyway and make something we’re proud of, I’m so proud of that.”

Lee’s particularly excited that the VMA winners are chosen by fans.

“What’s really cool is when it’s more than just an academy of people, [but instead] just actual fans getting to rally together and root for their team,” she says. “It’s really awesome.”

Evanescence was first nominated for a VMA in 2003 for the group’s breakout single, “Bring Me to Life,” and  again in 2004 for “My Immortal.” Lee does recall attending that 2003 ceremony, but adds that most of the award shows from that era “blend together.”

“You end up bumping into and having conversations with people that you’ve never met before, that you never would meet before because there’s no reason that you would be in each other’s lives,” Lee laughs.

“I’ve got pictures of some of the most interesting celebrities from back then,” she adds. “Just because, like, ‘Hey, that’s weird, we’re all here, this is kind of a crazy circus.’ I mean, it’s such a circus.” 

You can watch the 2020 MTV VMAs starting Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Evanescence, meanwhile, recently released a new single called “Use My Voice” along with the launch of their Use My Voice voter registration campaign.

By Josh Johnson
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