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An MP3 Player That’s Doubles As A Cassette Tape in Nerdgasm News?! Shut Up And Take Our Money!




A Cassette MP3 Player? Shut up and take our money!


I’m sure most of you can relate to sitting by the radio when you were younger, trying to record your favorite songs from the radio onto a cassette. You know, the good ol’ days before techmology was in every persons hand? Well, it looks like someone has created a bit of upgraded nostalgia with a new MP3 cassette player called Mixxtape. This Kickstarter project only has one prototype so far but from seeing the demo video, I basically threw my money at the computer. This mp3 re-imagined cassette tape is made outta carbon fiber, contains an LCD screen and is equipped with an SD card slot to hold your music. PLUS! You can play your music 3 different ways: Bluetooth, aux ports and, my favorite, a good old fashioned cassette player! Just good luck finding a cassette player for that last option.