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Andrew Watt forms a new “Wrecking Crew” with Chad Smith, Duff McKagan & Josh Klinghoffer

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

When Eddie Vedder, Ozzy Osbourne and Iggy Pop decided to work with Andrew Watt, they not only recruited one of today’s most in-demand producers, but they also got an all-star backing band.

Vedder’s solo album Earthling featured Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and ex-RHCP guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, while the Prince of Darkness’ last two albums, 2020’s Ordinary Man and this year’s Patient Number 9, were backed by artists including Smith and Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan. Smith, McKagan and Klinghoffer also joined Watt for the Godfather of Punk’s upcoming album.

Speaking with ABC Audio, Watt likens his collaborators to another famed session band.

“Chad, Duff, Josh, it’s kind of like our LA Wrecking Crew,” Watt says.

Watt marvels at how Smith, McKagan and Klinghoffer are all “such music historians” that “know so much about so many different types of music.”

“Their playing is a result of their love for so many different types of music,” Watt explains. “They’re all amazing songwriters. It’s not about shining through the record, it’s all song-served playing, parts-based played.”

For Watt, jamming with Smith, McKagan and Klinghoffer is just as exciting as working with the artist he’s producing.

“F***, man, forget about the artist we’re playing for, I get to play with Chad and Duff and Josh,” he says. “Some kind of dream!”

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