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Animaniac May Get A Reboot, Fidget Spinners on your iPhones and Making A Hovercraft in Nerdgasm News!




ANIMANIACS may get a Reboot!!!


If you’re zany to the max and have bologna in your slacks, you’ll be happy to know The Animaniacs may be getting a reboot! Warner Brothers and Amblin Entertainment are eyeing up the idea on recreating the animated classic WITH original executive producer Steven Spielberg rumored to be on board. Right now it’s all hear say since they don’t have a network to go to yet (Because WB channel doesn’t exist anymore) but hear’s to hoping we also get to see Pinky and The Brain and The Good Feathers Pigeons!


Attach your fidget spinner to your iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

If social media isn’t distracting you from life enough, how about doing it while you attach your Fidget Spinner to your iPhone 7 case?! Olixar! has created the black and white mandala-printed phone case, that comes with an attachment to simply lock in your spinner and is only $26 bucks. Good luck getting anything done now.

Dad makes home made hover craft

Now while your busy playing with your fidget spinners, this guy won dad of the year by making his kid a hovercraft! Paul Boswell, research scientist (go figure), wanted to build his son something safer than a go-kart but then quickly realized it’s more difficult to steer a hovercraft. You can even see in the video  his son almost spinning out at times but he seems to enjoy it. Either way, his son better get him a great Father’s Day gift.

Bonus Level Content:

Someone created a 120 lb butter passing robot from Rick and Morty