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Arizona Restaurant Week is here!

Foodies unite! Arizona Restaurant Week is here!


While I always support eating the local cuisine, it’s nice to have a week to focus on it and be reminded just how many special places there are around the valley. Arizona Restaurant Week is something to check out because the participating establishments have a unique menu they prepare for the event that is designed to showcase their best and most iconic flavors. It’s a chance for a hidden gem to really shine and familiar places to premier new menu items for the season.

This year it’s running Friday, September 17th – Sunday, September 26th. Even in the frenzy of moving houses I found a chance to pop out to True Food Kitchen at the Biltmore Fashion Park.

I had never eaten at True Food Kitchen before but it sounded up my alley. The only reason I had never been before is it is a bit out of the beating path for me… but that’s typical for where my house is.

When I walk in, I’m greeted with lots of fresh colors and wood accents which were incredibly inviting. After being welcomed, I was quickly shown to my table and Ash, our server, was prompt to get some waters to us. She knew all about Arizona Restaurant Week and was able to walk us through our first dining experience with True Food on top of all the specials for ARW.

The restaurants that are a part of ARW have prefixed menus that give you a good sample of what they are about. Your choice of an opening course, drink, main course and dessert. Take a peek at what True Food Kitchen has for the week. (Below.)




Between my guest and I, we tried almost everything on the menu and I have to say, not one thing was disappointing. Normally there is at least one dud when you dine out but we wanted more of each thing we ordered. We started off with charred cauliflower and the brussels sprouts. The flavors contrasted nicely. The cauliflower featured medjool dates that really added to it’s coating while the brussels sprouts were spiced and roasted to perfect tend




We paired our wine to our second course. They were both good but I preferred the red- but to be fair, I normally drink red over white. I am vegan so I did not personally try the salmon but my husband said it was great and it was quickly gone. I did snag some broccoli off the plate and the consistency was lightly cooked and lightly seasoned but that was all it needed. I could have eaten an entire bowl of it. My second course was the ancient grains bowl featuring a little bit of fall with the appearance of butternut squash. I swapped out the grains and opted for tofu to fit my dietary needs and it did not disrupt the flow of the dish at all. I did not lick my plate clean because I knew dessert was still coming but I did take it home and at it the next day. It holds flavor and texture through a round in the microwave- two thumbs up for reheat-ability.




Dessert was one of those things where I knew I was full but kept packing it away. I ended up making Ash take it because I was so full! The squash pie tastes like thanksgiving, after the long day I’d had it was exactly the kind of comfort food I needed to unwind a bit. Hubby got the flourless chocolate cake which looked rich and I have to assume it was good because it was gone before I could ask.




As someone who values a kitchen featuring clean food that tastes good and incorporates seasonal flavors, I give it a full 10/10 because in addition to their high rating on flavor, my service was also great. Thank you, Ash!

True Food Kitchen is just one of the 151 restaurants that you can hit up for Arizona Restaurant Week this year. REMEMBER there is a nationwide staffing shortage for the service industry and this a high volume time. Book ahead to receive the best experience. Check out their special menus online or call for additional information concerning food selection. Click HERE for a full list of ARW locations for 2021.

Try the place you keep talking about. Taste something you wouldn’t normally. Each place is putting their best foot forward for the week. Take advantage the local fare. Support our small business scene and happy feasting!



Bye, Friends!