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Atari’s new Flashback 8 Gold Console, E3 is underway and NASA teams up with Ikea in Nerdgasm News!

ATARI Flashback gold


E3 is underway and we’re just sitting here with our popcorn

It’s a huge week for my fellow video game nerds cause it’s E3 week! The Electronic Entertainment Expo is underway in LA as we speak where upcoming games and video game accessories get to make their debut. Day one started yesterday with EA, Microsoft and Bethesda. The big news that’s come out is the new Xbox One X console: The VCR looking system that has so much power stacked inside, it’s going to cost you your first born or just $500 bucks, your choice. It’s an overpowered console that no one was asking for but hey, at least it has 4k! Another piece of huge E3 news is Bethesda releasing all kinds of new VR awesomeness for Fallout 4 and Doom, in case you never want to sleep again. Check out the trailers for all three below and let us know what you’re excited for!


Atari’s taking a page from Nintendo

ATARI Flashback gold

Atari is taking a page from Nintendo by re-releasing their console! The Atari Flashback 8 Gold will be available in September, includes 2 wireless controllers, 120 games and a 720 HDMI port as well as features that let you pause, rewind and save your games. Pre-orders start in July but there’s no word on how much it’ll set you back.


NASA and Ikea team up to make furniture that isn’t rocket science

Ikea is looking to space for their furniture frontier. They recently teamed up with NASA to explore, ” how a Mars habitat can become more like home,”. A few people from Ikea’s team are spending 3 days on how to create a Mars-ready home at a MDRS habitat in Utah which was described as “a confined spacecraft-like environment that simulates the experience of outer space.”. There’s no word on exactly what will come out of this but they just wanna be ready for when we have to eventual get off this planet.