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Beauty and the Beast 2017 – the official trailer

Have you heard the original Disney animated film, is now being turned into a live action movie?  Yes, it features real human actors.  Emma Waston who you know from the Harry Potter movies stars as Belle, and the resemblance is near perfect. So watch the trailer below and then watch the original animated trailer.  They really are quite similar.  xo – CT ... Read More »

Milky Chance – Cocoon

Milky Chance are back after what feels like For-ev-er!  Ok, it’s only been 3 years, but 3 years is a long time to wait for their signature vibe. If you don’t know their break out song “Stolen Dance,” their sound can best be explained as a genre blend of reggae, acoustic rock, house, folk, and indie pop.  So if you ... Read More »

Alternative CHRISTYosities with Bob Moses

Check out the latest installment of Alternative CHRISTYosities with Bob Moses. Find out the full story on where they’re from, how they got started, who inspires them, and if they think they create ‘baby making music.’ Both songs were recorded live in the Alt AZ studio by Dustin.   xo – Christy   Watch the facebook live version of the interview ... Read More »

Chemical Brothers “C-H-E-M-I-C-A-L”

Truth be told I was fully prepared to not like this new Chemical Brother song, but it surprised me. I really think you might dig this.  It sounds like the Chemical Brothers while sounding new and fresh.  Now if you didn’t like their songs before this probably won’t convert you, but if you were already a fan, you should listen. ... Read More »

The XX – On Hold

We’d all heard the rumors that The XX were working on new music and now it’s finally here!  “On Hold” is the first song off their 3rd album set to drop on January 13, 2017. My inner fan girl is so excited.  Enjoy – CT Read More »

Add this to your holiday wish list

Everything in 21st century seems to need a USB charger.  So instead of getting a boring, generic, basic car plug, get a baby groot charger instead! Seriously….  secret santa if you are out there can you get this for me?  IT will make my geeky heart oh so happy.  xo – Christy Read More »