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Badflower frontman finds responsibility in “bad energy” with raw new single, “Family”

Noam Galai/Getty Images

If you’ve heard Badflower‘s music before, you know that frontman Josh Katz isn’t afraid to be emotional and personal in his lyrics. But with the band’s new song “Family,” that rawness is exposed in a whole new way.

“Family,” the lead single off Badflower’s upcoming sophomore album This Is How the World Ends, reflects Katz’s strained relationship with his own family. Katz feels that “Family” shares the same “brutal honesty” as a song like Badflower’s breakout single “Ghost,” though it comes from a different perspective.

“It’s so much easier to be honest when you’re pointing your fingers at other things around you that have made you feel a certain way,” Katz tells ABC Audio. “A song like ‘Ghost,’ although it’s exactly how I felt in that moment, it’s so true, I was blaming my brain and my mind and things around me and other people not caring enough and not noticing.”

“Family,” meanwhile, finds Katz exploring how his own behavior affects others.

“As a 30-year-old, I’ve really started to realize my issues and the reasons the things that are wrong in my life and my relationships and my family and friendships and things like that, and my role in being responsible for the bad energy,” he explains.

Katz personally feels that his family is “great” — “All they want to do is be in my life and be supportive,” he says — but has trouble communicating his feelings to them. Luckily, music exists.

“I sent them the song and I’ve been having conversations with them, which is exactly the thing that I’m singing about not being able to do,” Katz says. “The song inspired me to actually do the thing, which is great.”

He adds, “Maybe it’ll inspire other people to do the same, I dunno.”

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