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Badflower frontman reveals why “30” & “F*** the World” didn’t make ‘This Is How the World Ends’ track list

Big Machine Records/John Varvatos Records

Over the past year, Badflower released two new singles: “30” and “F*** the World.” However, neither will be included on the band’s upcoming sophomore album, This Is How the World Ends. While the title of the record suggests that at least “F*** the World” might’ve found a home in the track list, frontman Josh Katz tells ABC Audio there are specific reasons why neither tune made the cut.

“The energy [of ‘F*** the World’] was not right for what we were doing here,” Katz explains.

“Not to say that anything is better or worse, but there’s a very specific thing happening on this album that we’re really excited about and proud of,” he continues. “And not that we’re trying to make a concept album, it’s just a thing.”

Meanwhile, “30,” which finds Katz celebrating/lamenting turning the big three-oh, had more of a case for being included.

“’30’ could’ve gone on [the album,]” Katz shares. “There’s a certain energy and a style to ’30’ that would’ve made perfect sense, but…I’m already 30. We’re past it.”

“It was such a moment in time,” he adds. “It was so cool to have that preserved in its own little thing.”

Beyond the philosophical reasons, Katz says leaving “30” and “F*** the World” off This Is How the World Ends was simply mathematical.

“The more songs we can squeeze on it, the better,” he says. “You start putting those on, it’s, like, ‘Ehhh, track list is a little long.'” 

This Is How the World Ends arrives September 24. As for what songs are on the record, you’ll find the current single, “Family.”

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