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Badflower’s new album is either “done” or “dumb”

Joseph Okpako/WireImage

Badflower‘s next album is officially “done.” Or is it “dumb”?

Sunday night, frontman Josh Katz tweeted, “This is for you. For all your hard work. The album [is] done. I’m going to bed for 3 years goodnight.”

Not even five minutes later, Katz replied, “The album’s dumb* sry typo.”

Fans didn’t enjoy the fake-out — sample replies include “Why are you like this?” and “I’m reporting u.” Perhaps the album is both “done” and “dumb.”

Whatever its status, the record will be the sophomore follow-up to 2019’s OK, I’m Sick, which features the singles “Ghost,” “Heroin,” “Promise Me” and “The Jester.” Badflower’s since released two new songs, “30” and “F*** the World,” though Katz recently clarified that neither would be featured on the upcoming album.

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