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Battle For Tempe Oktoberfest Week 3: Loveyourself, Losing More, Never Let This Go and Sunset Voodoo!

Oktoberfest Homegrown



A Local Music Segment airing every Monday through Friday at 11pm w/ Mo! These next few weeks, our Homegrown bands are battling it out to play Tempe Oktoberfest by Four Peaks Brewing @ Tempe Town Lake. Check out the bands competing this week and vote for your favorite, if you wanna see ’em play LIVE at Oktoberfest October 13th-15th.



Loveyourself band photo

Loveyourself was formed in January of 2017, loveyourself. was a project started by Zach Winters and Anson Knopp in order to create a medium in which they could accurately express what they felt was an honest articulation of writing. Joining forces with drummer Teddy Valenzuela and guitarist Mario Esposito, the band quickly grew sonically.

Their debut album “one of these songs is about you” released in July and the band is carrying their momentum and is eager to release their next full length. You can find Loveyourself on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out their song “Needle” below and if you want to see them perform live at Tempe Oktoberfest, vote for them at the bottom of the page.



Losing More band photo


Losing More are two brothers from Gilbert, and over the last few months we’ve been putting together an EP. Right now Liam lives in LA, and Sterling is going to ASU, living in Mesa, so they’ve been sending songs back and forth for months, and making time for studio sessions. Between the two of them, they write for a whole band.

You can catch Losing More on Instagram and Twitter. Check out their song “Who Am I Supposed To Build Ramps For Now?” below, then if you wanna see them perform Tempe Oktoberfest, vote for them at the bottom of the page!




Never Let This Go has played countless shows in the past few years, including three national tours and opening slots for bands such as Never Shout Never, Set It Off and letlive in their home state of Arizona. NLTG has continued relentlessly, despite receiving unexpected news just before their last release, Believe.

In May of 2015, singer David Kleinebreil would come to find out his mother would be facing her second battle with cancer. With her support, they decided to still release their new music and tour in support of the record.

Believe gained momentum as the first single’s music video for “Right Now” premiered on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes. The video’s superhuman plot gained it additional exposure on press outlets such as Geekscape.net and earned them a performance slot at Stan Lee’s own Superheroes Party at the Youtube Space LA in July of 2015. The band successfully completed three tours in support of the release despite having to cancel a handful of shows while Kleinebreil’s mother underwent treatment.

In May of 2016, a month following his mother’s successful liver transplant, Kleinebreil and drummer Vic Chan entered the studio in Atlanta to work with producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (Cartel/Mayday Parade/All Time Low). The band decided that the best time to create was while the emotions were still fresh in their minds. Their next release is expected to be more honest and emotional than anything they have released to date.

What Kleinebreil describes as “the hardest year of his life thus far”, is expected to yield some powerful music and a new found motivation to pursue everything they set out to accomplish as a band. You can catch Never Let This Go at 51 West Thursday, Sept. 28th and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out their song “Better” below and if you want to see them perform live at Tempe Oktoberfest, vote for them at the bottom of the page.



Sunset Voodoo Another Round Pic

In summer of 2011, singer Joey Gutos and bass/backing vocalist Lucas Roth began writing songs together that were inspired by their experiences growing up in Tempe. The boys soon found that Lucas’s long time friend Rocky Yanez was a perfect match to carry the band’s rhythm section and after more than a year of testing different material, instrument roles and band names, Sunset Voodoo was officially born. The band played their first show at Tempe’s legendary live music venue, The Sail Inn and began playing shows up to four times a week. As they began steadily increasing their fanbase, they released their self-titled EP in May of 2014. Tracks like “Sonoran Whiskey” and “Estrella” are considered cult favorites among the band’s original fans, which they still play to this day.

As Sunset Voodoo continued to cultivate more refined material, they realized that they were missing one last crucial element within the lineup: Jared Roth on guitar. Now a quartet, Sunset Voodoo took on their next project, which was the 6 track “Strange Things” EP, recorded with Curtis Grippe (Dead Hot Workshop, Banana Gun, Sara Robinson & The Midnight Special). They released the record at a sold out C.A.S.A. Lounge show in downtown Tempe along with their self-produced music video for the album’s second single, “Summer Haze.” While the addition of Jared was assuredly an integral part of this record, his full potential was realized when the band hit the studio with Curtis Douglas (The Maine, Katastro, Eagles In Drag). The first of these recordings was “Sweet Release,” which was the band’s first serious step towards radio ready material and caught the attention of many attendees at the 2016 Pot Of Gold Music Festival, for which they performed on the second stage. The boys went out on their first out of state tour through California and Mexico before returning to work on the next two songs with Douglas, which they plan to release throughout the rest of 2016.

As Sunset Voodoo continues to tour the southwest, they are working towards a full length album and nationwide tour. As their path unfolds, so do new mysteries that are told through the band’s ever-evolving sound. Always proponents for welcoming the unique and stranger things in life, Sunset Voodoo has one central theme to share with the world: EMBRACE YOUR WILD SIDE… You can catch Sunset Voodoo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out their song “Another Round” below, if you love it, vote to hear it again for the Friday replay at the bottom of the page.