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Before there was Royal Blood’s ‘Typhoons,’ there was Mike Kerr’s Daft Piano

Credit: Mads Perch

Royal Blood‘s new album Typhoons is heavily influenced by dance and electronic music, including the now-defunct Daft Punk. Though as frontman Mike Kerr tells ABC Audio, Typhoons isn’t the first time he looked to the “One More Time” duo for inspiration.

“The minute I heard Daft Punk, I learned how to play all of it on piano,” Kerr recalls. “I actually started a project called Daft Piano when I was about 14, and I did piano versions of all of their songs.”

Kerr explains that Daft Punk and other electronic acts such as Justice, whose influence can also be heard on Typhoons, changed the way he looked at music.

“It was the first time I’d really heard keyboards sounding like guitars, or like basses,” Kerr shares. “To me, Justice are like a metal band playing keys, but Daft Punk were like a classic rock band playing keys.”

Daft Punk, of course, announced their breakup earlier this year in February, in between when Royal Blood first announced Typhoons and when they released it. They broke the news with a video titled “Epilogue,” which Kerr felt was a fitting and honorable end.

“We live an era now where we just watch our heroes crumble and get worse and worse,” he says. “I think to end on a high and to bow out with some dignity is so rare. That’s just a testament to their artistic credibility, really.”

Much like Daft Punk, Daft Piano isn’t coming back — Kerr says he doesn’t have any recordings from his teenage projects. Luckily, we can still rock out to Typhoons, which is out now.

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