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Best Socially Distant Ways to Beat The Heat


I think the thing we are all thinking as we trek into August is, HOW CAN I BEAT THE HEAT?

This summer people are finding it extra tough to stay entertained while also trying to keep cool. It’s difficult to stay socially distant when going to the mall or a restaurant and not everyone is ready to be in close quarters again. Not to mention that water parks and movie theatres aren’t open. It starts to make it feel like there isn’t any other way to avoid a sweaty summer besides sitting in your home and waiting for it to pass. But that’s not true! I’ve got some great ideas for you so you can make the most of your summer and avoid sweat stains on your mask.


Before Corona, these were harder to find but now they are gaining popularity and appearing everywhere. Just in the greater Phoenix area we have:

West Wind Glendale 9 Drive-In


GA $7.75

Kids 5-11 years old $1.75

4 years and under FREE

Tuesday Family Fun Night: GA $5.50


Moonlight Movie Night – Scottsdale Drive-In


Tickets are $20-$35 depending on how many people are in the car. Great deal if you have a car full!


Digital Drive -In AZ – Mesa


$22 per vehicle.


The Drive-in at Schnepf Farms – Queen Creek


Thursday-Saturday nights at $15 per car.


It’s a great way to get out of the house, get a date in, and enjoy an old favorite on a big screen while still remaining a safe distance from strangers. The best part of drive-in movies is getting to bring your favorite snacks! I once had In-n-Out at one of these things, it was awesome. Another plus is something you want to talk during a movie if you’re watching it with your friends, but if you’re in a theatre we all know you shouldn’t do that. It’s fair game at a drive in! Make all the side jokes you want. Do a full out cackling laugh. Scream at the scary parts. And yes, now you can cry to your heart’s content without trying to swallow your sniffles over handfuls of popcorn.



Backyard Water Games

This one does generally require some purchases but you can get it all online or at any local store (probably even curbside pick-up.)

Water parks are closed? Make your own just for you and your family and friends! Get out a hose, invest in a water slide *if you have grass*, bust out the sprinkler system that the kids like to run through, whatever you can get your hands on! Here are some links to my favorite items.

Palm Tree Sprinkler Toy:

Palm Tree splash toy from Amazon.com

$25.99 from Amazon. Technically for kids but also good for adults that like to play.


16 Ft Water Slide:

Water slide Walmart.com

$69.99 from Walmart. Please don’t use this on rocks or concrete.


Banzai Splash N’ Blast Kids Inflatable:

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 1.32.59 PM
Banzai Splash N’ Blast from Walmart.com

$649.99 from Walmart. This is expensive but has good ratings and will probably get lots of use from the kids.


Water Balloons:

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 1.31.05 PM
Water balloons from Target.com

$7.99 from Target. These are fun no matter what your age!


Max Liquidator Super Set:

Max Liquidator from Amazon.com

6 pack for $16.74 on Amazon. This ones are the best, swear by them. Easy fill-up, easy aim, they don’t peg too hard and the have great range.


The easy one that’s always a winner is getting some little balloons and filling them for a good old fashion, water balloon fight! This one gets you active while also keeping cool. Best part? You’re generally 6 feet apart for a water balloon fight, no mask necessary. You can take this one to a nearby park if you need the space. Just BE SURE TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF! Fill up the balloons at your house. Load them into a bin or tub, add some water to the tub to keep them from popping. Carefully drive them over to the park, set up your boundaries and you’re good to go!


Homemade Ice-Pops

So many ways to make your own delicious sweet treat for the summer! I have two favorites. One is for the adults and the other can be enjoyed by the whole family! These aren’t my own recipe, but of course there are ways to give them a personal touch yourself. Just remember that you need to keep similar ratios to the videos to get your to freeze properly.

One for the adults



One for the kids (everyone)



To-Go Ice Cream with a View



I love this one! You can do it several times and it never gets old. Just makes you a little tighter in the shorts. Go to your favorite ice cream spot or somewhere new, get it to-go and head over to a scenic spot around town. Here is Phoenix there is no shortage of spots with a look out. This works for everyone. You can do this by yourself, with your dog, the family, or make it a date! My favorite places to grab ice cream in the valley are Nami, Rita’s, and Shakes and Cones. You typically don’t have to go very far for good ice cream in Arizona. Ice cream not your thing? Don’t knix the idea entirely, Replace ice cream with slurpee, acai bowl, or iced coffee!


Day in a Fort



Young or old, this one is fun. Spend the whole day inside. Not just inside your home but inside your fort! Bust out the blankets, the pillows and if you’re extra fancy a blow-up mattress/egg crate topper/ camper pad to make it extra comfy. For the best forts, use the biggest bed sheets you have. I am an experienced fort building and I recommend building in the room with the tallest furniture for anchor points. Throw some holiday lights on the inside and it can turn into a truly magical day. Watch all the movies you want, set up card games and board games. Last but not least, order in some fort food. Pizza and sandwiches make the most fort-friendly meals.

Cheers to hoping these help you enjoy the rest of your summer safely without wasting away at home!

Bye, Friends!



Do you have another way you’ve been escaping this summer? Let us know in the comments!