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Biffy Clyro drummer looking forward to debuting "Instant History" live: "That's gonna be a special moment"

Credit: Ash Roberts

With its giant chorus and anthemic vocals, Biffy Clyro‘s single “Instant History” is begging to be played in an arena or a festival field filled with people singing along. Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen for a while.

The Scottish rockers announced this week that their 2020 international tour dates have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to ABC Audio, drummer Ben Johnston says it’s “so upsetting” not being able to tour, and he’s particularly looking forward to giving “Instant History” its proper live debut.

“I just can’t wait to take this [song] to a big stage and hopefully hear everyone sing that,” Johnston says. “It’s one of those real gang-vocals where everybody gets involved.”

“That’s gonna be a special moment when that happens,” he adds.

As for what he misses most about touring, Johnston says, “Just the feeling, man.  You can’t do anything to replicate that feeling.  There’s no drug in the world.”

“I miss the connection with the fans,” he continues. “I miss making people happy, and just being on stage with my brothers.

Johnston adds that touring also provided the benefit of constant exercise.

“Even if you sit and practice drums, it’s not the same as playing a gig,” Johnston says. “You get lost when you’re playing a gig, you overuse your body to the point where it almost breaks.”

“I just miss all of it, man,” he adds. “I miss the volume, I miss the sweat. It’s tough, man. It’s been too long and it’s starting to get to me.”

“Instant History” is the lead single off the upcoming Biffy Clyro album A Celebration of Endings, due out August 14. They’ll be playing the record in full during a livestream airing online August 15.

By Josh Johnson
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