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Biffy Clyro just “finished” a new album “literally last week”

JMEnternational/JMEnternational for BRIT Awards/Getty Images

Biffy Clyro‘s got another new record ready to go.

Speaking to NME during Tuesday’s BRIT Awards, the Scottish rockers revealed that they’ve just finished a follow-up to 2020’s A Celebration of Endings “literally last week.”

“We weren’t intending on doing it, but we’ve ended up making an amazing album,” said frontman Simon Neil.

Earlier this year, Biffy teased that they were working on a “sister record” to A Celebration of Endings, but Neil now explains that the upcoming album has morphed into more of a separate entity.

“Originally it was going to be completely hand-in-hand,” Neil said. “They do relate, but because we didn’t tour, I ended up writing about seven or eight new songs for the album.”

He added, “Originally it was intended to be a few off-cuts from A Celebration of Endings, but now it’s got wonderful new art and it’s kind of its own beast.”

A Celebration of Endings was released last August. It includes the single “Instant History.”

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