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Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff is bringing a bedroom experience to you, plus more! in Nerdgasm News!

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Bleachers Singer Brings Childhood Bedroom on Tour

Now A Days Bands and artists are trying to bring new and fun experiences to their shows, but singer, songerwriter Jack Antonoff has taken it to a whole other level. The Bleacher’s singer is bringing his childhood bedroom on tour in a compact trailer about as big as a tiny home trailer. As Jack states in the press release, “i will be taking the room on tour with me so people around the country can hear the album in it before shows. it will be at the may and june dates. i haven’t decided what will happen after that yet. come in – touch whatever you want – hear gone now in its birthplace and in the center of its inspiration.”. What’s even more interesting is the 31 year old singer lived in his childhood bedroom until he was 27. Here’s to hoping no one finds his stash of Victoria Secrets magazines and tissues…


South Park: The Fractured But Whole Video Game Finally Gets A Release Date

My fellow South park fans, let us all rejoice because a release date for the new video game South Park: The Fractured But Whole will be released Oct. 17th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game was originally supposed to be released back in Christmas 2016 but like most games, got pushed back. There will be a few different special editions to choose from all ranging from $60 to $200 dollars and yes the ever so popular fighting with farts is coming back, and with a vengeance.


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