The Mo Show!

Josh Wolf celebrates his midlife crisis on The Mo Show!

As soon as Josh Wolf walked into the ALT AZ studios with his lady shades, we knew something was up! Now that he’s getting into his so called “mid-life” crisis, he’s embracing all the things he’s ever wanted to do. Find out what he’s doing and why he doesn’t care what people think of him, except for himself. Don’t forget ... Read More »

Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite calls The Mo Show!

Even thought the quirky movie Napoleon Dynamite is 15 years old, we’re still quoting it to this day! That’s why Napoleon stars John Heder, Jon Gries and Efren Ramirez are coming to Phoenix to chat about their time on set and answer any questions at The Orpheum Theater. The wonderful and talented Efren Ramirez aka Pedro called in to talk ... Read More »

The Chris and Paul Show visit The Mo Show!

Have you ever tried to tell a story without speaking or writing it out? Chris and Paul make it look like a walk in the park with their comedy. You’ve seen them on NBC’s Bring The Funny, so naturally, the guys stop by the studio to talk about living in a 16 x 8 apartment together, how they almost had ... Read More »

Is the force strong with Rise of Skywalker?

  STAR WARS EPISODE IX: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER It all comes down to this, the last and final episode that’s supposed to tie the Skywalker saga together. But does it answer all the questions we’ve been asking or leave us with more questions? Brent Hankins from Rotten Tomatoes stops by The Mo Show to explain why you’ll have a ... Read More »