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Bob Moses plans to produce “only ever going to be live moments” on upcoming US tour

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Bob Moses‘ combination of rock and alternative with electronic music isn’t just a trick of the studio — it comes across on the live stage, too.

“It’s kind of like all the best parts of a rock n’ roll show, married with all the best parts and dynamics and hard-hitting-ness of an electronic show,” the duo’s Jimmy Vallance tells ABC Audio of the live Bob Moses experience.

Vallance and band mate Tom Howie are gearing up to launch a U.S. tour in support of their new album, The Silence in Between, which features the top-10 Billboard Alternative Airplay single “Love Brand New.” For the run, keyboardist Vallance and vocalist/guitarist Howie will be accompanied by a live bassist and drummer, which results in moments that are exclusive to a Bob Moses concert.

“In a nod to dance music, we mix between songs a lot and we build transitions with the band that are very special and unique to each tour, and specifically each show, because they’re kind of a bit free-form,” Howie says. “So we’ve been working in rehearsals and we’ve got some really cool musical moments that are only ever going to be live moments.”

With a new album under their belts, plus several EPs released amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Howie and Vallance feel ready to deliver the “best” and “most produced spectacle” of Bob Moses’ career.

“We feel like because we’ve got all this great music, we can really create a journey and do the lights to that journey in a way that we have never really fully done this dramatically and in as fulfilled a way,” Howie says.

Bob Moses’ tour launches Sunday, March 20, in Tuscon, Arizona.

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