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Brittany Howard details ’What Now’ solo album

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Brittany Howard has announced the details of her next solo album, What Now.

The record is set to arrive on February 2. It’s the sophomore follow-up to the Alabama Shakes frontwoman’s 2019 debut solo effort, Jaime.

The What Now title track was released in October. A second cut titled “Red Flags” is out now on digital outlets.

“In my past relationships, I’ve had a tendency to see red flags as part of some parade just for me — something for me to run right through without paying any attention,” Howard shares. “To me ‘Red Flags’ sounds very dystopian, which makes sense for a song that feels like end-of-times as far as me emotionally maturing. It’s like a big tower fell and now I have to create something new.”

Howard will launch a U.S. tour in February.

Here’s the What Now track list:

“Earth Sign”
“I Don’t”
“What Now”
“Red Flags”
“To Be Still”
“Another Day”
“Prove It to You”
“Power to Undo”
“Every Color in Blue”

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