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Catch Pokemon in REAL LIFE with Pokemon GO!

pokemon go

Growing up playing Pokemon cards, Pokemon snap and even watching the Pokemon cartoons, I’ve always wondered and wished to see a REAL Pokemon. Granted they aren’t real, but it would still be awesome! Well, turns out you can start hunting for Pokemon in the REAL WORLD with the Pokemon GO! It’s an alternate-reality game that uses your GPS and camera to digitally insert Pokemon into the real world that players can catch, collect and battle just like in the game. (So you could be a real life ASH or Misty!)

And if that wasn’t enough, Nintendo is also developing a Pokemon GO Plus that will light up when you are near a Pokemon on the real world! You can seriously catch em all now with all the equipment they’re putting out there. I’m excited and can’t wait for it to hit stores and our phones in 2016.

– Mo!

pokemon go plus


Featured photo via Youtube