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CHVRCHES wants to record a video game score: “It’s inevitable”

Credit: Sebastian Mlynarski & Kevin J Thomson

Following the movie-themed album Screen Violence, CHVRCHES is hoping to tackle another visual medium next.

Speaking to the BBC’s Press X to Continue podcast, band memberMartin Doherty shares that he thinks “it’s inevitable that we’re going to score a game at some point.”

“It’s only a matter of time until we find a gaming project that’s longer-form that we can really sink our teeth into — especially with [band mate] Iain [Cook‘s] background and film composition,” Doherty says. “In order to really score games, you have to understand games, and you won’t meet two more game-obsessed musicians.”

As you may recall, CHVRCHES previously released songs for the video games Death Stranding and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Before you hear CHVRCHES through your gaming system of choice, you can catch them live on tour in support of Screen Violence, beginning Tuesday in Houston.

Screen Violence, the fourth CHVRCHES album, was released in August.

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