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COIN seeks eternal relevance in new video for “Brad Pitt”

ABC/Randy Holmes

Have you ever imagined speaking at your own funeral?  That’s what’s depicted in COIN‘s new video for “Brad Pitt,” which premiered on Billboard before heading to YouTube.

The video shows a line of “mourners” at entering a “Celebration of Eternal Relevance” for COIN front man Chase Lawrence. The coffin is wheeled in and then followed by a mobile robot that displays a video of Lawrence smiling and greeting guests, and then addressing the crowd when it makes it to the podium. 

The lid of the coffin flings open and we see that inside, it looks like a tanning bed. Lawrence jumps out and starts to sing the song, the lyrics of which go, “Bring me out of the box….I’m just asking you to/keep me young forever.”

Explaining the video’s concept, Lawrence tells Billboard,I think the video, song and the album [Uncanny Valley] is very centered around this idea of relevance and clinging to our youth…what it looks like to age gracefully, and not knowing how to embrace moving on and getting older.”

“We talked a lot about this idea of the things that sustain you and make you appear younger are actually the things that are slowly killing you, which is seen in the paradox of the tanning bed versus the coffin,” Lawrence notes.

As for the song’s title, he explains, “Really, the title is just a symbol of youth, somebody that’s aged gracefully and has almost denied nature. Naming the song after him felt like a fun, kooky way to reduce the song to a cultural reference.”

Starting in April, COIN will support 5 Seconds of Summer on a tour of the U.K. and Ireland.

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