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Corey Taylor fires back at Machine Gun Kelly: “You’ve been here for five minutes”


We have a new chapter in the Corey Taylor/Machine Gun Kelly feud.

You may recall last year when the “Bloody Valentine” rocker dissed Slipknot as “old weird dudes with masks.” The resentment apparently stemmed from a failed collaboration between Taylor and MGK on the latter’s Tickets to My Downfall album — which Kelly called “terrible” — as well as comments Taylor made about an unnamed artist who “failed in one genre and decided to go rock.”

For his part, Taylor posted screenshots of an email exchange between him and Tickets producer Travis Barker, showing that he felt he wasn’t “the right guy” for the collaboration while wishing Kelly “the best” with the song.

Now, Taylor has shared some more info about what originally inspired his “failed in one genre” comment.

During a Q&A session on the recent 2022 ShipRocked concert cruise, Taylor recalled watching an interview with Kelly when he went on a “rant about rock stars and comfortable shoes,” which Taylor described as sounding “as smart as you think it is.”

“I’m watching it and I’m going, ‘You f***, you’ve been here for five minutes, basically, and you’re gonna f***ing run your mouth about bands that have been doing this for 20 f***ing years, in the mud, in the dirt. They’re gonna wear whatever the f*** they want,'” Taylor said.

“You’re gonna walk in here with your f***ing black tongue and try to talk some s*** on some bands that would f***ing circle your a***? F*** you, dude!” he continued. “So when I had my opportunity to say something, I did. I didn’t call [MGK] out. I just said what I said about people failing in one genre and sliding over to another. And that upset him.”

Kelly hasn’t yet responded to Taylor’s latest comments.

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