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Courtney Love apologizes for “insensitive” post after reported criticism of Dave Grohl & Trent Reznor


Courtney Love has apologized for an “insensitive” social media post days after she reportedly shared and deleted an Instagram criticizing Dave Grohl and Trent Reznor, including accusing the latter of abuse.

The metal site The PRP captured a screenshot of the alleged post, in which Love blasts Grohl for having “enriched” himself off a deal she’d signed concerning the rights to Nirvana‘s music following the death of her husband — and Grohl’s band mate — Kurt Cobain.

“I signed a document that effectively gives Dave (and Krist [Novoselic]) my descendants[‘] money in perpetuity,” Love wrote. “I was so broken. So scarred, so exhausted by him, I just f***ing signed it. But it’s a lie. So I’m unsigning it.”

She continued, “The chaos and fury over Kurt’s death being directed at me, deflected by Dave, while he enriched and continues to enrich himself, gorging on Kurt’s fortune and Kurt’s goodwill. 27! Years!!! I’ve had enough.”

Love also took issue with Grohl’s oft-appointed “Nicest Guy in Rock” title, simply stating, “Nicest guy in Rock? No.”

As for Reznor, Love claimed that she and her Hole band mates witnessed “systemic abuse of kids, girls as young as 12” perpetrated by the Nine Inch Nails frontman and his crew.

Love has since updated her Instagram Story with a statement addressing a “recent post,” although she does not name Grohl or Reznor specifically.

“I need to apologize for my recent post,” Love wrote. “It was insensitive and it was wrong.”

She added, “No matter how I feel, there are real people behind my words and I need to learn to be more responsible with my words. I am truly sorry for those I’ve hurt. I will do better.”

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