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Dancing “Little Monster”? Royal Blood plans to “stay true” to older songs on the live stage

Credit: Mads Perch

If you caught any of Royal Blood‘s promo appearances as they geared up to release their new album, Typhoons, you may have noticed that the U.K. duo added some extra elements to their live setup, including keyboards and backup singers. That makes sense, given the new record’s dance-influenced sound, but could those new elements ever find their way into older songs when Royal Blood returns to the road?

“I have thought about updating older material,” frontman Mike Kerr tells ABC Audio. “But…I think it’s important to pay respect to those recordings.”

For Kerr, it’s a matter of honoring the “relationship” fans have with a song’s original sound.

“It’s their memories and there’s nostalgia,” Kerr says. “I think to start tampering with it is almost, as much I kind of like the idea of it, I almost think it’s disrespectful to the fans.”

He assures, “I’m gonna stay true to the recordings and give a fair representation of what those songs were.”

Typhoons, featuring the lead single “Trouble’s Coming,” is out now.

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