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Dashboard Confessional hoping to showcase "not for show" songs during Valentine's Day stream

Credit: Lupe Bustos

Dashboard Confessional will be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with a streaming concert. Not only will the show be bringing the “Hands Down” band’s openhearted music to people on the most romantic/loneliest day of the year, but it will also mark Chris Carrabba‘s first performance since recovering from a serious motorcycle accident last year.

As Carrabba tells ABC Audio, being able to play music again after that recovery process is reason enough to celebrate.

“I’m holding a guitar right now, I haven’t put it down in months,” he says. “It was a long time that I was injured pretty severely, and just couldn’t imagine that I’d play again. I get to, I finally get to, and I can’t stop. It feels really good.”

In preparing for the stream, Carrabba found himself revisiting some of Dashboard’s lesser-played tracks and discovering new things about them.

“There are songs that get…filed in a ‘not for show’ file, and I don’t really know why,” Carrabba explains. “I want to be able to showcase songs [during the stream] that don’t always get as much attention, as well as the ones that do.”

While the concert obviously won’t feel exactly like a traditional live show, Dashboard will feel right at home playing on Valentine’s Day, which has become something of a regular occurrence for the band, whose shows have always invited a feeling a love.

“I’ve seen proposals at Dashboard shows,” Carrabba laughs. “Lot’s of them. I’ve been a part of some.”

Sadly, there won’t be any audience members in-person to get engaged during the stream, but perhaps some might happen at home.

“I like to imagine that the person on the other end of the camera lens is giving and taking as well,” Carrabba says. “That feels interactive.”

By Josh Johnson
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