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Dave Grohl pops into fan's "Grohl-a-Thon" Instagram live show

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.com

Dave Grohl is once again living up to his “Nicest Guy in Rock” title.

Over the weekend, the Foo Fighters showed up in the middle of a fan’s Instagram Live stream, dubbed “Grohl-a-Thon.”

The show was hosted by Pat Finnerty, a musician who, as Rolling Stone reports, started an online streaming covers series while out of work due to COVID-19. Each episode, he’d challenge himself to learn and record a cover from scratch, which would be suggested commenters.

At one point, Finnerty came up with the idea to do a cover of the Dire Straits song “Money for Nothing” with none other than Dave Grohl singing the iconic “I want my MTV” line, originally sung by Sting. He planned to do this during a 24-hour stream called “Grohl-a-Thon.”

Of course, Finnerty didn’t know Grohl personally. Thus, he tried to make a connection through various friends-of-friends. Somehow that all worked, and nine hours into the stream, Grohl joined in.

After some excitedly nervous chatter, Finnerty revealed what he wanted from Grohl, who was happy to oblige. In fact, he even offered to do more.

“That’s it? That’s all you wanted?” Grohl asked, before adding in some extra percussion.

The two then spent about 15 minutes talking about a variety of things, including about a specific pre-show drink the Foos would make when they were on tour with Kaiser Chiefs.

“The messages that I’ve been getting all day were, ‘It’s so inspiring what you did, because you set a goal and you achieved it,'” Finnerty tells Rolling Stone. “Like, I’m this…nobody and I got to Grohl in nine hours because I believed in it.”

You can watch Grohl’s participation in Grohl-a-Thon now via Finnerty’s Instagram.

By Josh Johnson
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