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Day 1 @ E3 with Mo!

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I’m proud to say I’ve survived the 1st day of E3’s 3 day expo here at the Los Angeles Convention Center. In so many ways, this place is a gamer’s Disneyland: From getting free swag everywhere you go, to waiting in lines for 30 min to a few hours… But let me tell ya, the atmosphere alone is worth it. As soon as you walk in, companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo pull out all the stops on their displays and giveaways. Swag is thrown around like Mardi Gras beads along with business cards and gamer tags. Cameras are constantly rolling to capture interviews and game demos. Pretty sure I’ve photobombed AT LEAST 5 major interviews w/ game developers (Let me know if you see me in any Ubisoft ones) while I was waiting in line to play South Park: Fractured But Whole.


South Park was the first game I stood in line for as soon as the doors opened in the south hall. After 60 minutes of networking and chatting with folks attempting to do the same, I finally get in!


Hoping to demo the newest SP game myself…. Only to find out it was just a presentation (whaaaa-whaaaaaaw) But still pretty rad! If you ever played The Stick Of Truth, the game style is still turn by turn play but a different layout. Check out the trailer below, pretty excited for this one!

After Fractured But Whole (say it fast…) My phone was dying so I decided to walk around and look for an outlet. (Note to self: Buy an external phone charger) Along my stroll, I walk through Bethesda’s museum of awesomeness displaying games for the upcoming titles like Dishonored 2, Prey and Skyrim Remastered *giddy noises*. The lines for Doom and Fallout 4’s VR weren’t long but each demo was about 60 minutes long. and only two rooms. If anything, it’s entertaining watching people freak out playing Doom in VR. But there was one VR line that I was the most intrigued by considering the amount of people for a smaller company/booth.

Apparently there was a “Fantasy” VR aka the video game where you can have sex. To no surprise, a considerable amount of dude and maybe two girls… and happily, no cups!

A lot of my day consisted of getting video and checking out what E3 had to offer as a whole so I didn’t get much game play in. Day 2 was going to be my day for that. Check out what games I got to experience the following day here. Thanks for reading!


photos by Mo!