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Dead Sara warns you of “Heroes” on new ‘Ain’t It Tragic’ album

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Many, many artists have covered David Bowie‘s “Heroes.” Dead Sara‘s “Heroes,” however, is very much not David Bowie’s “Heroes.”

On the track, which is the current single off the “Weatherman” rockers’ upcoming album, Ain’t It Tragic, lead vocalist Emily Armstrong sings, “All my heroes are dead.” As Armstrong tells ABC Audio, it was that lyric that really brought the song together.

“I just happened to read [that line] down on my list of lyrics that I have,” Armstrong recalls. “I just started singing that, and I was, like, ‘Oh, that’s the song.’ We had a shell of a song, but then it really made sense when we started actually honing in on what the album was gonna be.”

“From there, everything else just kind of rolled out,” she notes, adding that the sentiment “just made so much sense” to her.

“As a kid, all the stuff you’re gonna fight for and fight just in life, and nobody’s really gonna be there,” Armstrong explains. “When you’re an adult, you just go, ‘Oh, f***, I’m here. It’s just me.'”

And if it isn’t clear by the song, Armstrong definitely believes in the “You should never meet your heroes” adage.

“Yes, 100 percent,” she laughs. “And that’s all I’ll say about that.”

Ain’t It Tragic arrives this Friday, September 17.

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