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Deftones’ Sergio Vega selling studio & stage-used basses

Scott Legato/Getty Images

DeftonesSergio Vega has opened his own shop with the online gear marketplace Reverb to sell some of his own basses from throughout his career.

Among the instruments available for purchase include basses used in studio and on tour with Deftones, as well as others used with Vega’s band Quicksand. Vega is also parting ways with various preamp and effects processors used for Deftones songs including “Diamond Eyes,” “Tempest” and “Poltergeist.”

“This stuff is near and dear to me,” Vega says. “I’ve used these things for the past 10-plus years with Quicksand and Deftones. These are things I [used on] tours with Deftones around the world. [Gear that] I’ve been in writing sessions with, that I’ve been in the studio with.”

You can check out Vega’s Reverb shop now via Reverb.com.

Deftones released their latest album, Ohms, in 2020. The record’s title track and its song “Genesis” are nominated for Best Rock Performance and Best Metal Performance, respectively, at the 2022 Grammys.

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