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Dirty Heads vocalist reflects on his “boomer moment” reacting to viral “Vacation” TikTok trend

Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Dirty Heads‘ 2017 track “Vacation” took on a second life in 2021, thanks to a viral trend on — where else? — TikTok. For vocalist Jared “Dirty J” Watson, the resurgence of “Vacation” provided “justification” in his and his band mates continued belief in the song, which they always maintained was “special.”

“Nobody really got behind it other than our fans,” Watson tells ABC Audio. “When we played it at our shows, it was a fan favorite. It was a very popular song in our world. I’m just glad that it caught on other places.”

That it caught on via TikTok was very surprising to Watson, who describes his reaction to the trend as a “boomer moment.”

“I was just, like, ‘Huh?'” he laughs. “‘Like, what? I’m trending on TikTok?'”

The trend, dubbed #VacationTransition, finds the listener pretending to sneeze into the fold of their arm and then bringing their head back up, often now with a bottle of liquor in their mouth, as the background behind them changes to a more vacation-ready locale, such as a beach or a ski resort.

“Shout-out to the first influencer that did it,” Watson says. “I think they nailed it, I think they understood what the song was about…What they did what they did with that trend, I think, was cool because it just obviously fit what I was trying to get across.”

Fittingly, Watson feels that “Vacation” is representative of who he is as a songwriter.

“It’s one of those [melodies] where it’s very easy and it’s almost elementary,” Watson says. “I’m, like, ‘Is this stupid? Is this good? Is this great?'”

He adds, “I feel like that’s my whole career, is like, ‘Is this great, or this stupid?'”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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