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Discover a unique outdoors experience with this water to wine excursion!


Have you been wanting to do something a little out of the box with your friends lately? This is the perfect time of year to check out this water to wine excursion I did a couple weeks ago!

Mo and I decided to do something for Galentine’s Day together this year and our activity was unlike anything we’d ever done before. It combined two things we love that we just never would have thought to put together… Outdoor sports and wine.

(Let’s be clear, not at the same time!)


Verde Adventures is a company that offers a variety of adventure tours including one that starts as a kayaking trip and then ends at a vineyard for a wine tasting! An experience as unique as it is fun. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for Mo’s first kayaking trip! (She did great!) To put it simply it’s an hour-ish kayaking trip down the Verde River to the Alcantara Vineyards where you have a wine tasting after. But really, it’s much more.



For us, this was a long overdue mini getaway. Our schedules never line up and this just happen to fall weirdly into place where it worked out perfectly. Getting there was a different story however. Our adventure was almost a non starter with a huge mess of traffic on the two lane road that lead to Cottonwood. There was a huge accident that made me get there an hour later than my initial ETA. Luckily, I was trying to be an hour early so I arrived by the skin of my teeth.

Once there, we hopped aboard a van where our guide, Thomas was happily waiting for us. He gave us a nice verbal tour of what to expect as we drove along the river to the push-off point. From there we found our way to the kayaks and received our instructions for these inflatable kayaks I had never used before! Good thing he gave us good instructions because they are considerably different than a traditional kayak.

After a little help pushing off, our group was on its way down the river! (After a couple 360 spins.)

When you think about kayaking you mostly acknowledge the use of your arms. You know, the paddling. You know it’s going to be an arm work out going into it… What I didn’t realize was how much my legs would hurt from the legs-out sit-up position for over an hour! Sheww, that nearly got me!


The endurance work was light so any level of experience could do this trip. There were very short little spurts of “rougher” water which made for some “whoo!” moments for beginners and lots of stiller terrain that gave you time to take in the absolutely gorgeous views and soak up that 70 degree sunshine. Lots of time for chatting and exploring along with time to just enjoy being present in a beautiful place.


When we finished, our guide Thomas and co-manager Anthony were there to assist our landing to the shoreline. If it were up to me it would have been more of a collision to the land instead of a graceful slide. After giving us a moment to get our land-legs about us, they drove us back to our cars and then popped us to the Alcantara Vineyards. In all fairness, it could have easily been walked- we walked ourselves back to the cars in less than 10 minutes at the end of the day.

The Alcantara Vineyards are a beautiful escape against the rocky backscape. When you walk in, it has the “home” feel until you get out back and realize it’s anything but. It opens up to a cute backdoor dining area with multiple stations to get drinks, some food that has drifting Italian aromas that hit you immediately and live music to top it off.

You seat yourself and there are no waiters. You walk up, order and get your food then and bring it back to your outdoor dining spot. If you are there for the gram, you will find multiple spots to snag your commemorative pic! Even the walk back to the car is something to take in.

I recommend this Verde Adventures water to wine excursion for anyone looking to do something they haven’t done before! Couples, family members, GALENTINES, you can kind of make the trip what you want. Just be prepared to get wet, *change clothes for the tasting*, be outdoors, and be present in the moment. Finding little gems like this are few and far between! For those who kayak often, I recommend the longer trip they have. It doesn’t end at a vineyard but it does have a picnic!


Learn more about the different experiences provided by Verde Adventures by clicking HERE!


After telling my husband all about my Galentine’s Getaway he got all this FOMO and now it looks like I’ll have to go again… oh no! This time, I think the longer ride is something we will be up for. Jerome, AZ is so close too! No reason you can’t start kayaking and end with a haunting! It only BEGINS with Verde Adventures! 😉

Bye, Friends!