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Dispatch releases Russian version of “The General” in support of Ukraine

Rick Kern/WireImage

Dispatch has released a Russian version of the band’s beloved anti-war song “The General” in support of Ukraine.

If you’ve never heard the original 1997 song, the lyrics tell the story of a “decorated general with a heart of gold” who realizes that “this fight is not worth fighting.” In singing “The General” in Russian, Dispatch singer Chadwick Stokes imagines a Russian military officer having the same realization amid the country’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

“The hope is that this will reach the ears of those participating in this invasion and realize that this fight is not worth fighting,” Dispatch says. “To force someone to act against humanity is to destroy their own humanity. Please share this message of peace far and wide.”

You can watch Stokes perform the Russian version of “The General” now on YouTube. Proceeds earned from the song will be donated to the Leleka Foundation, which is providing first aid kits to emergency medical responders and frontline fighters in Ukraine.

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