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Drink The New 66.6% Proof Hellboy Hell Water and more in Nerdgasm News!



 Drink Water From Hell With Hellboy’s new Hellwater


Fun Fact: There’s only 1 comic book character with their own Whiskey named after him. In fact, not just 1 type of alcohol, but 3! Demonic superhero Hellboy has a new whiskey out and it has the most devilishly perfect name: “Hellwater”. It’s a 66.6% proof Cinnamon Whiskey created by Dark Horse Comics, XXX Distillery and Prestige Imports and probably fire as hell. Luckily you don’t have to sell your soul for this spirit, for just under $20 bucks you too could be drinking like Hellboy. And if whiskey isn’t your thing, try his draft ale or his brand of wine.

Let Facebook Help Your Sex Life

Are bots the new therapy couches?


As if you didn’t already post your entire life on Facebook, why not have Facebook get to know your sex life? There’s a new app/wearable device called Lovely that not only tracks your sex life but  what you could do better, by sending you reports to your phone. It can track your top speed, how many trusts you did, how many calories burned and comes in 2 fun colors! For only 169.99 (hehe) you too could have this device nag you to go faster or deeper. Let’s just hope they don’t post your results to facebook….


Take Underwater Pictures With This Awesome Fish Shaped Camera

Image result for BIKI camera fish

Why do drones get to have all the fun in the sky when we should have cameras that swim in the water with us?! There’s a new aquatic explorer called Biki that shaped like a fish and even has fins to swim like one, so it doesn’t disturb ocean life. It’s almost like a drone for underwater that you can control via app or remote control. So instead of trying to swim in the ocean while trying to hold on to your gopro to catch those sweet pics of the aquatic, just set the Biki in the water and let it roam!